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#nachhaltighandeln for Berlin

Sustainability is a top priority at IBB and is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy. Our goal is to make Berlin more sustainable! All of our support activities, for instance, for founders, SMEs, the housing sector, environmental protection, energy saving and renewable energy, are geared to Berlin’s sustainable development.

We can only create lasting economic prosperity through sustainable action, which is why sustainability is such a high priority at IBB. Every day, our employees work hard to ensure that we as a promotional bank become even better in terms of sustainability. We want to use our resources efficiently, #nachhaltighandeln, and through our funding programmes support activities that preserve our natural environment as a basis for life. This creates long term prosperity and a more socially just society.

Dr. Hinrich Holm

Chairman of the Board

IBB’s sustainability guidelines

With its products, IBB is helping the Federal State of Berlin to achieve its climate policy goals for CO2 reduction and to cope with demographic change. In addition, IBB meets high legal standards in its dealings with customers, suppliers and staff by using its resources efficiently.

IBB Unternehmensverwaltung (IBB UV), the owner and sole shareholder of IBB, has developed sustainability guidelines for the entire IBB Group for the first time. These were adopted by the IBB Board of Management and IBB UV on 5 January 2022 and apply to the entire IBB Group.

Our sustainability goals

  • Support ‘Climate Neutral Berlin’ by 2045
  • Enable EUR 15 billion in sustainable funding based on the SDGs by 2030
  • Be the most important contact point in Berlin for ‘sustainable funding opportunities’ by 2030
  • Climate-neutral bank operations from 2022
  • Integration of the SDGs into all of IBB’s fields of action
  • Achieve the goals and measures laid down in the sustainability programme

Our sustainability principles

The sustainability principles established for each of our fields of action form the basis for our sustainable actions. This is to enable us to systematically achieve lasting and self-sustaining sustainable development. All of IBB’s activities designed to promote economic, social and ecological development in the bank itself and in society are structured according to these guiding principles. They serve as a guideline for sustainable action at IBB.

Our contribution to the SDGs

IBB is committed to the 17 global goals for sustainable development adopted by the United Nations (UN) in 2015, the so called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and applies these goals in a transparent and measurable manner to its fields of activity. The SDGs are to be achieved by 2030 and aim at economically, ecologically and socially sustainable development. By referencing the SDGs, we show even clearer how financing is making a sustainable contribution to the further development of our environment. Our contribution to the SDGs is presented in our Sustainability Report.

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The 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Carbon-neutral bank operations

Since January 2022, IBB has been a ‘carbon-neutral company’ certified by ClimatePartner, underpinning the commitment of the business development bank to achieving greater environmental and climate protection and thus supporting the Federal State of Berlin in its transformation towards carbon neutrality by 2045. As a carbon-neutral company, we recorded our greenhouse gas emissions based on the figures from the 2020 financial year and offset 2,547,267 kg of carbon emissions by purchasing certificates. Working with ClimatePartner, IBB has invested in two sustainable climate protection projects. With the ‘carbon neutral’ label, the bank is clearly committed to climate protection and the sustainability strategy while at the same time contributing to the Paris Climate Agreement and the achievement of the Global Sustainability Goals (SDGs). In this way, IBB is creating the right incentives to make Berlin more sustainable and liveable.

For more information on our cooperation with ClimatePartner, please go to:

Sustainability brochure of the IBB Group

Sustainability has a high priority in the IBB Group. Therefore, we actively promote the sustainable development of Berlin. How do we contribute? What are we planning? We show our way to the "Impact Bank Berlin" in our sustainability brochure.


Our Sustainability Reports (in German only)

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Sustainability Guidelines