IBB MikroCrowd

Micro-loans and crowdfunding for start-ups and SMEs in Berlin

Under the 'IBB MikroCrowd' programme, we provide low-interest micro-loans of up to EUR 25,000. By combining crowdfunding through our co-operation partner Startnext, your project will be assessed in advance with a view to its market relevance. If the funding goal is achieved, this means security for both you and us.

'IBB MikroCrowd' at a glance

  • Combination of micro-loans and crowdfunding

  • IBB microloan: up to EUR 25,000 and one year redemption free

  • Crowdfunding: Additional financing via Startnext

  • Advance check on the market: Target group tests your idea!

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'IBB MikroCrowd' in detail

What happens next?

'IBB Mikrocrowd' on Startnext