Mikrokredit aus dem KMU-Fonds

Fast loans in the case of micro-loans of up to EUR 25,000

Does your project need short-term financing? Is a short-term micro-loan just what you're looking for? With our 'Mikrokredit aus dem KMU-Fonds’, we can provide loans of up to EUR 25,000. Thanks to a simplified application procedure, you will benefit from a fast and simple loan granting service.

Business development programmes for social entrepreneurs

We are the first business development bank in Germany to support social enterprises in Berlin.

'Mikrokredit aus dem KMU-Fonds' at a glance

  • Loans to finance start-ups and growths

  • Up to EUR 25,000 with a fair interest rate

  • No customary collateral

  • Six-year term with one year redemption free

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'Mikrokredit aus dem KMU-Fonds' in detail

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