Are you looking to enter new (foreign) markets? We have the right programmes for you!

Please note: Applications are accepted in German only.

What offers are available?

Berlin Innovativ

Our plus for your project financing
  • Loans to finance projects by innovative companies

  • Up to EUR 2m at a low interest rate

  • IBB provides the applicant’s bank with a 70% exemption from liability

Berlin Kapital

Sustainable business promotion through silent partnerships
  • Loans to finance growth through silent partnerships

  • Up to EUR 5m max. in co-operation with other financing partners

  • Improvement of the capital structure through subordination agreements

Berlin Kredit

Long-term financing for investment and working capital

Are you looking to invest in the future of your Berlin-based company and need a strong finance partner? When expanding your Berlin-based company, we can assist you with our low-interest 'Berlin loan from the SME fund'. Whatever you have planned for the growth phase, we can support your investments and your working capital requirements. The term of the loan is adapted to suit your needs.

Please note: Applications are accepted in German only.

Berlin Mittelstand 4.0

Programme to support innovative technology and digitalisation
  • loans for investment in growth and digitalisation measures

  • between EUR 2m and EUR 6m at low interest rates

  • IBB grants up to 60% exemption from liability for the borrower’s bank


Financing growth for small and medium-sized businesses in Berlin
  • Loans to finance takeovers, growth and order pre-financing as well as follow-up financing

  • Up to EUR 15m, interest at market rates

  • Loans granted in co-operation with customer’s own bank


Financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Loans of up to EUR 250,000 to finance start-up and growth

  • Loans of up to EUR 10 million to finance company takeovers, growth and to pre-finance contracts (granted in co-operation with customer’s own bank)

  • Attractive interest rates

Mikrokredit aus dem KMU-Fonds

Fast loans in the case of micro-loans of up to EUR 25,000
  • Loans to finance start-ups and growths

  • Up to EUR 25,000 with a fair interest rate

  • No customary collateral

Pro FIT - Projektfinanzierung

Grants and loans for technological innovation projects
  • Grants and loans for technological innovation projects

  • Loans of up to EUR 1m and grants of up to EUR 400,000

  • Online financing of project-related R&D expenditure