IBB helps established small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to consolidate and to overcome financial bottlenecks. With special support offers, companies facing acute liquidity difficulties are in a position to pre-finance contracts and to survive bad debts or a temporary decline in sales.

Please note: Applications are accepted in German only.

Who and what is supported?

Target groups and expenditure that qualify for support

IBB offers support under the 'BERLIN liquidity assistance' programme to help established companies tackle their liquidity bottlenecks. With short-term and medium-term liquidity assistance, we can help to stabilise your company so that you can restore your competitive strength and protect jobs. To find out who and what is supported, go to the description of the respective support programmes. A first overview is provided here.

What offers are available?

IBB has the right support offers for companies that are experiencing acute liquidity difficulties and need to restore their stability. Our liquidity assistance allows you to overcome your liquidity problems and carry out the needed restructuring of your company. We will help you to regain your competitive strength and to protect jobs. Here you can find a first overview of the various programmes available. More detailed information can be found in the detailed pages of the fund.

Liquiditätshilfen BERLIN

Securing liquidity in the event of acute financing needs
  • Loans to co-finance the restructuring of companies in difficulty

  • Up to EUR 1m in co-operation with other financial backers

  • Presentation of a restructuring concept required