IBB offers established companies and freelancers a host of support programmes. Whether to increase your inventories or to gain access to new markets – companies who are already successful on the market can find the support they need here.

Please note: Applications are accepted in German only.

Who and what is supported?

Target groups and expenditure that qualify for support

IBB offers support programmes designed for different target groups in the growth phase that cover various types of expenditure. Some of programmes are also designed for companies in the start-up phase and can therefore be additionally found in the range of offers for starting out in business. To find out who and what is supported, go to the description of the respective support programmes. A first overview is provided here.

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What offers are available?

Berlin Infra

With its 'Berlin Infra' programme, IBB is expanding its business support services to include public infrastructures, thus granting you more flexible access to loans. With this new loan support that comes with a maximum loan amount of EUR 100m, we support public companies in Berlin and have hence closed the financing gaps that exist here. To qualify for this kind of funding, the Federal Land of Berlin must be the majority shareholder of the company.

Berlin Innovativ - Berlin innovation

Do you need financing for your project and do you meet with one of our innovation criteria? Under the 'Berlin innovation' programme, loans of up to EUR 2m are granted via your bank in order to finance investment and working capital. The advantage for you is that IBB provides your bank with 70% liability redemption. This support programme especially targets innovation companies and start-ups in Berlin with the aim of helping them to strengthen their competitiveness and to develop new markets.

Berlin Kapital - Berlin capital

Are you an entrepreneur in Berlin? Do you want to continue shaping a successful future for your company? Do you want to improve your capital structure or finance growth? We can help you to set up a sound financial structure to achieve your goals for tomorrow. With 'Berlin capital', you can lay the foundation for stable growth and lasting business success.

Berlin Kredit - Berlin loan

Are you looking to invest in the future of your Berlin-based company and need a strong finance partner? When expanding your Berlin-based company, we can assist you with our low-interest 'Berlin loan from the SME fund'. Whatever you have planned for the growth phase, we can support your investments and your working capital requirements. The term of the loan is adapted to suit your needs.

Berlin Mittelstand 4.0 - Berlin's medium-sized businesses in Industry 4.0

Are you looking for financing for your investment in IT solutions and digital networking for production and service? We can offer you loans of between EUR 2m and EUR 6m through your own bank to finance growth and innovative technologies.

The advantage for you is that IBB assumes 60% of the loan risk. This business development programme aims to support small and larger medium-sized businesses in manufacturing as well as the IT and services sectors, especially when it comes to applying Industry 4.0 solutions and investments in digitilisation.

Coaching BONUS

Do you need commercial assistance for your business start-up? Or are you planning to enter new international markets and need organisational support and professional advice? The Coaching BONUS offers start-ups and companies grants for business administration coaching by selected, qualified coaches.

IBB-Wachstumsprogramm - IBB growth programme

Are you looking to push ahead with your business? Are you planning to expand your company or do you want to invest? Endeavours like these often fail due to the financial circumstances of competition-orientated companies. Working with commercial banks, we can provide you with loans at flexible terms and conditions to finance your successful entrepreneurial future.

Innovationsassistent/-in - Innovation assistant

Are you in the start-up phase and are looking to position your company successfully on the market? Or is your company already established and you are now looking to expand? One way to achieve this is to hire a qualified graduate from a university or a university of applied sciences. IBB works on behalf of Berlin's Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research in order to provide funding for hiring innovation assistants.

KMU-Fonds - SME fund

Are you a freelance professional or a small or medium-sized commercial enterprise (SME) based in Berlin? Are you looking to start up a new business, take over a company, relocate, increase efficiency, expand or reinvest in your company? Then you can take out a loan from the 'SME fund' to co-finance your investment project. We offer you independent consultancy services and attractive terms, and we can get you in touch with competent partners.

Landesbürgschaften - Federal state guarantees

As part of the federal state guarantee programme, guarantees are provided to cover loans to finance projects that qualify for economic support in the case of first-time investments, appropriate financing of investments or temporary provision of funding to finance ongoing operations.

Mikrokredit aus dem KMU-Fonds - Micro-loan from the SME fund

Does your project need short-term financing? Is a short-term small loan just what you're looking for? With our 'micro-loan from the SME fund', we can provide loans of up to EUR 25,000. Thanks to a strongly simplified application procedure, you will benefit from a fast loan granting service with no red tape.

Pro FIT - Projektfinanzierung - Pro FIT project financing

Are you an entrepreneur looking to implement technological developments? Or do you work at a scientific institution and are planning to perform an R&D project in co-operation with a company? Your project can qualify during all phases of the innovation process for funding under the PRO FIT project financing programme. We can finance your ideas as long as your project is innovative and can help to boost the competitive strength of the company (involved).

Transfer BONUS

Do you have a small or medium-sized company and are looking to develop your products and services further? Would you like to step up innovation and secure your company's future? And do you need the support of a scientific institution? Then you should make use of the Transfer BONUS. This support programme helps to finance co-operation between companies and scientific institutions from Berlin and Brandenburg.

VC Fonds - VC fund

With the 'VC fund', IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft invests venture capital in growth companies in different technology sectors and the creative industry, thereby strengthening their equity basis. The funds are primarily provided in order to finance the development and launch of innovative, scalable products or services in order to achieve quick company growth.

Zwischenfinanzierung von Filmproduktionen - Intermediate financing of film productions

Do you have a production company based in Brandenburg or Berlin? Do you need intermediate financing to finance your service productions? In co-operation with Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg we provide loans and guaranteed loans to film production companies as intermediate financing for TV station programmes or TV station co-productions, for distribution guarantees and in the case of low risks also for service productions in other areas of the media.