Support programmes for founders

Founders are individuals who want to set up their own business or whose company has been on the market for no more than three or five years.

Please note: Applications are accepted in German only.

What offers are available?

Berlin Innovativ

Our added benefit for your digital future and internationalisation

Do you need financing for your project and do you meet with one of our innovation criteria? Under the 'Berlin innovation' programme, loans of up to EUR 2m are granted via your bank in order to finance investment and working capital. The advantage for you is that IBB provides your bank with 70% liability redemption. This support programme especially targets innovation companies and start-ups in Berlin with the aim of helping them to strengthen their competitiveness and to develop new markets.

Please note: Applications are accepted in German only.

Berlin Mittelstand 4.0

Programme to support innovative technology and digitalisation
  • loans for investment in growth and digitalisation measures

  • between EUR 2m and EUR 6m at low interest rates

  • IBB grants up to 60% exemption from liability for the borrower’s bank

Berlin Start

Low-interest loans for people starting up in business
  • Loans to finance start-ups and expansion for companies that are no more than 5 years old

  • Up to EUR 500,000 with a fixed interest rate

  • With an 80% guarantee by the guarantee bank

Businessplan-Wettbewerb Berlin-Brandenburg (BPW)

The BPW can help you as a founder in Berlin-Brandenburg to draw up your business plan. Have you got a good idea? We have a host of free services that can make life easier for you, that's because BPW is more than just a competition. We can teach you about starting up a company, we can help you set up or expand your own network and clear up any issues with the expertise of our consultant network. You will also have the opportunity to submit your business plan in three phases in order to take part in the competition.

Coaching BONUS

Coaching for companies and founders in Berlin
  • Grants for individual coaching

  • For up to 80% of costs for a maximum of 20 consultant days

  • Professional coaches/consultants


Start-up support amounting to up to EUR 50,000 for innovative companies
  • Start-up allowance

  • Company no more than 12 months in business

  • 50% support for start-up costs up to EUR 50,000 max.


New know-how for Berlin-based companies
  • Grants for hiring university and college graduates

  • Up to 50% of wage costs, EUR 20,000 max. for one year

  • Improving the company's competitive strength


Financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Loans of up to EUR 250,000 to finance start-up and growth

  • Loans of up to EUR 10 million to finance company takeovers, growth and to pre-finance contracts (granted in co-operation with customer’s own bank)

  • Attractive interest rates

Mikrokredit aus dem KMU-Fonds

Fast loans in the case of micro-loans of up to EUR 25,000
  • Loans to finance start-ups and growths

  • Up to EUR 25,000 with a fair interest rate

  • No customary collateral

Pro FIT - Frühphasenfinanzierung

Grants and loans for innovation projects
  • Grants and loans for highly innovative, technological start-ups

  • Up to EUR 500,000 to finance launching costs

  • No bank collateral required

Pro FIT - Projektfinanzierung

Grants and loans for technological innovation projects
  • Grants and loans for technological innovation projects

  • Loans of up to EUR 1m and grants of up to EUR 400,000

  • Online financing of project-related R&D expenditure

Transfer BONUS

Funding for science and research
  • Grants for contracts to scientific institutions

  • For up to 70% of costs for a maximum of 45,000 consultant days

  • Knowledge transfer with regional scientific institutions

VC Fonds

Venture capital from IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft
  • Venture capital for innovative start-ups

  • Initial investment usually EUR 0.2 to EUR 1m

  • Minority interest in companies with high growth prospects