Wirtschaftsnahe Elektromobilität (WELMO)

Promoting electromobility

The WELMO (Wirtschaftsnahe Elektromobilität) funding programme is to be suspended until further notice

The WELMO funding programme has been a huge success since it was launched in July 2018. The programme has helped to significantly boost the number of registered commercial e-vehicles in Berlin and to reduce reservations regarding electric mobility. By 18 March 2020, 4579 applications had been submitted for vehicle funding, 709 applications for the charging infrastructure and 94 applications for consultations. The programme has made a significant contribution to quieter and cleaner commercial traffic in the city and has supported numerous enterprises in their electrification.

Since the EUR 6 million available in funding for the year 2020 has been exhausted, the WELMO programme has now been suspended. All applications received by IBT up until 29 March 2020 will still be processed and decided. All applications received after 30 March 2020 can currently no longer be considered.

We do plan to take up the WELMO funding programme again with new terms and conditions for funding. The suspension of this funding programme will also allow IBB/IBT to use all its resources to deal with company enquiries related to the corona crisis.

'WELMO' at a glance

  • Grants to promote electromobility

  • Up to EUR 8,000 for each commercial electric vehicle purchased

  • Up to EUR 30,000 for each newly installed charging point

  • Consulting services on the subject of electromobility

'WELMO' in detail

What happens next?

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