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Programm zur Foerderung von nichttechnischen Innovationen (ProNTI) in KMU

Programme to promote non-technical innovation (ProNTI) in SMEs

The “Programme to promote Non-Technical Innovation (ProNTI)” by the Federal State of Berlin aims to strengthen the innovative power of Berlin’s economy beyond technical and technology-oriented developments. Complementing funding for primarily technology-oriented research and development, the ProNTI programme opens up the focus to include non-technical innovations (NTIs), as called for in the joint Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Strategy 2025 (innoBB 2025) in order to adopt a broader approach towards innovation.

“ProNTI” at a glance

  • Innovative SMEs and social economy SMEs

  • Grants for non-technical innovations

  • Grant of up to EUR 140,000 per project

  • Support, for instance, in the validation of innovation projects

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“ProNTI” in detail

What happens next?

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