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Pro FIT - Frühphasenfinanzierung

Grants and loans for innovation projects

Are you the founder of an innovative company looking to implement an innovation project and in need of financial support in order to plan your project? ‘Pro FIT early phase financing’ helps you to establish your business infrastructure and expand the needed HR capacities.

'Pro FIT - Frühphasenfinanzierung' at a glance

  • Grants and loans for highly innovative, technological start-ups

  • Up to EUR 500,000 to finance launching costs

  • No bank collateral required

  • Financing for up 100%

'Pro FIT - Frühphasenfinanzierung' in detail

What happens next?

Partner of IBB

IBB-Beteiligungsgesellschaft supports innovative technology companies with venture capital and advises on financing.

Individual coaching by IBB

As an option, we can also provide you with subsidised coaching on all management issues via our 'Coaching BONUS' offered by IBB Business Team GmbH.