Publications in English

We also offer our most important publications in English. To find out more click below.

IBB Housing Market Report

Our “IBB Housing Market Report” is a widely acclaimed analysis of the Berlin housing market. It is published once a year and offers concise data of the current situation in Berlin, including a breakdown of the twelve districts. A summary is provided here in English.

Business Support Guide

The annual “Business Support Guide” is the indispensable compendium for anyone seeking information about starting up a business or looking for funding. It presents the broad range of funding and consulting on offer in Berlin.

Berlin Economy

IBB regularly compiles key figures on the development of Berlin's economy, analyzes and derives economic trends. Selected studies are available in English.

Company Profile

The “Company Profile” of the IBB contains various parts of the annual report. It presents all the facts and figures of the IBB in the respective financial year.