IBB's own security issues

IBB's own security issues On 31 December 2018, Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) recorded a refinancing stock on the capital market of around EUR 8.5bn of which around EUR 6.0 bn was successfully generated by issuing securities of listed companies.

Debenture bonds

Investitionsbank Berlin is authorised to issue municipal and other debenture bonds and to take up profit participation and subordinated liable capital.

Due to the guarantee from the Federal Land of Berlin covering IBB's liabilities, IBB is not required to issue prospectuses according to the EU's Prospectus Directive or the German Securities Prospectus Act.

Due to the guarantee from the Federal Land of Berlin, IBB's liabilities in Germany and in some European countries have a risk weighting of 0% (according to the German Solvability Ordinance).

Mandatory disclosures regarding securities issued by IBB pursuant to sections 30a and 30e of the German Securities Trading Act are published in the Electronic Federal Gazette.

The securities issued are usually admitted for official trading in the regulated market segment on the Berlin stock exchange.

The listed securities were classified by the ESCB as 'Tier One' assets and can hence be used Europe-wide as securities for open-market operations of the ESCB.

The links on the right show the terms and conditions currently valid for emitting IBB bearer bonds. Due to regulatory changes, these can deviate from earlier terms and conditions which can be requested by sending an e-mail to: .


Information on record-keeping and storage obligation

In accordance with the legal requirement of Section 83 WpHG, IBB records all telephone conversation and any electronic communication with personnel in the treasury department who are authorized to make investment decisions or trade executions (plus assistant to the treasury department) and stores them for at least five years.

Johannes Lischke, Leitung Geld- und Kapitalmarkt

Johannes Lischke

Head of Money and Capital Markets

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