Investor Relations

Working for Berlin – reliable, transparent and sustainable

Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) provides you with timely, comprehensive and transparent information about the development of its business. This information includes KPIs as well as regular publications of annual accounts and activity reports. Furthermore, you can also find here information concerning our securities, legal fundamentals, the 'solva zero' statement as well as our General Terms and Conditions.

Corporate governance

Pursuant to section 7 (4) of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Investitionsbank Berlin in the version of 7 September 2004, the Management Board and the Administrative Board apply the Corporate Governance Code (CGC) in its applicable version as issued by the Senate Department of Finance.

Annual reports

The annual reports and activity reports of Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) document the development of our bank in recent years. Besides up-to-date reports, you can also find historical reports from our archive as well as annual reports in English.

Disclosure notices

The requirements for transparency (pillar 3) that were previously governed by the German Solvability Ordinance were replaced by Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 (Capital Requirements Regulation, in short: CRR) in 2014 when Basel III came into effect in Europe.

Legal basis

Laws, memorandum and articles of association, as well as General Terms and Conditions

On 13 May 2004, the Berlin Parliament passed the Law Establishing Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) as an Independent Legal Entity.

'Solva zero' statement

Setoff privilege of IBB

Pursuant to the notifications by the German Bundesbank dated 19 August 2004 and the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) dated 31 March 2014, the guarantee by the Federal Land of Berlin with regard to receivables payable by Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) results in the 'solva zero status'.


IBB's own security issues

On 31 December 2018, Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) recorded a refinancing stock on the capital market of around EUR 8.5 bn


Information on record-keeping and storage obligation

In accordance with the legal requirement of Section 83 WpHG, IBB records all telephone conversation and any electronic communication with personnel in the treasury department who are authorized to make investment decisions or trade executions (plus assistant to the treasury department) and stores them for at least five years.

Johannes Lischke, Leitung Geld- und Kapitalmarkt

Johannes Lischke

Head of Money and Capital Markets

Telephone: 030 / 2125-2200