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In 2021, Investitionsbank Berlin underwent a corporate restructure. During the course of this process, we spun off the bank holdings from IBB in order to ensure greater clarity, traceability and improve efficiency. In future, we will be able to concentrate even better on our business development and support tasks.

Dr. Hinrich Holm

Chairman of the Board of Management

About the IBB Group and its equity investments

IBB Unternehmensverwaltung Anstalt öffentlichen Rechts (IBB UV) was established by law by the Federal State of Berlin. As the parent company of the group, IBB UV is the owner of IBB and for its part is wholly owned by the Federal State of Berlin. All of IBB’s equity investments were transferred to IBB UV. IBB’s former subsidiaries have now become subsidiaries of IBB UV and together they form the IBB Group.

IBB UV is broken down as follows:

  • Investitionsbank Berlin AöR
  • Banking-related promotional business
  • Location and other business development
  • Other strategic investments held in conjunction with promotional tasks
Organisation chart of the IBB Group

Financial reports of IBB UV

These documents are available in German only.

Corporate governance

We apply the Corporate Governance Code (CGC) in its applicable version as issued by the Senate Department of Finance. The rules of the Berlin Corporate Governance Code (BCGK) are also part of this.

These documents are available in German only.

Investitionsbank Berlin

Wholly owned subsidiary of IBB UV

IBB is the business development bank of the Federal State of Berlin. IBB promotes and finances investment projects on behalf of the Federal State of Berlin in order to improve economic, ecological and social living conditions in Berlin and thereby advance sustainable development. In addition to business development as well as housing and urban development, the bank’s portfolio will be expanded in 2022 to include labour market promotion.

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All IBB financial reports at a glance

Discover important facts and figures about Berlin’s business development bank: Find out here what we have achieved in the respective financial years. In addition to our annual reports, all of IBB’s annual financial statements, disclosure reports and corporate governance reports are available for download.

Financial reports of IBB

Participations of banking-related promotional business

Location and other business development

Strategic shareholdings

Sustainability of the IBB Group

Sustainability is a top priority for the IBB Group and is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy. Our goal is to make Berlin more sustainable! All of our support activities, for instance, for founders, SMEs, the housing sector, environmental protection, energy saving and renewable energy, are geared to Berlin’s sustainable development.

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Sustainability guidelines of the IBB Group

With its products, the IBB Group is helping the Federal State of Berlin to achieve its climate policy goals for carbon reduction and to cope with demographic change. In addition, the IBB Group meets high legal standards in its dealings with customers, suppliers and staff by using its resources efficiently.

For the first time, IBB UV has developed sustainability guidelines for the entire IBB Group. On 5 January 2022, these guidelines were adopted by the board of IBB UV and IBB and apply to the entire IBB Group.

Sustainabilty brochure of the IBB Group

Sustainability has a high priority in the IBB Group. Therefore, we actively promote the sustainable development of Berlin. How do we contribute? What are we planning? We show our way to the "Impact Bank Berlin" in our sustainability brochure.

IBB’s Sustainability Report

IBB Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2020 – nachhaltig handeln

2021 Sustainability Report

IBB's latest Sustainability Report provides information about its sustainable services and activities as a business development bank. It shows how IBB is promoting sustainability and how this is becoming more and more firmly anchored in the bank.

2021 Sustainability Report (in German only)

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