Berlin's business development bank

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Who we are

Investitionsbank Berlin is the business development bank of the Federal Land of Berlin focusing on business support, as well as support for housing and urban development. With our portfolio of monetary support measures and comprehensive finance consultancy services, we focuse on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start-ups and founders in Berlin.

Legal basis and bodies of IBB

In its capacity as the business development bank of the Federal Land of Berlin, IBB is an institution incorporated under public law. The bank operates in accordance with the Investitionsbank Law (IBBG) and its memorandum and articles of association which form the basis for both IBB's organisational structure and its bodies.

Compliance and external Ombuds Office

IBB persistently implements the legal and regulatory requirements of various national and European laws and regulations.

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Financial reports

The annual reports of Investitionsbank Berlin document the development of our bank in recent years. Besides up-to-date reports, you can also find historical reports from our archive.

What we stand for

IBB is a reliable, strong partner for Berlin and its business community. For us, 'Working for Berlin' means providing optimum support for Berlin-based businesses through tailored financing. Our mission is to make Berlin an even better place to live and work at. In addition, we are also involved in a host of business and social projects in the city in order to foster the Berlin's long-term prospects and development.

What we offer

IBB's business development activities are geared primarily towards loan-based and investment-orientated forms of finance which are offered as revolving support funds. Subsidies supplement the product range, especially when it comes to technology and investment support funding. Comprehensive financing consultancy rounds off the portfolio of services offered.

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Focus on technology SMEs

When it comes to financing for SMEs, IBB places special emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Berlin's clusters, i.e.

  • Health sector
  • Information and communication technology (ICT), media, creative sector
  • Optical technologies
  • Transport, mobility and logistics
  • Energy technology

In these fields, Berlin has the scientific and entrepreneurial basis combined with the required infrastructure that form the basic preconditions for successful development. Needless to say that IBB is also active outside the clusters where it offers its customers standardised business development products which it handles smoothly and with no red tape.

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Offers for every phase of a company

IBB is determined to offer the right form of financing to companies during every phase of their corporate development, i.e. from start-up to growth, right through to consolidation.

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A competent partner for housing and real-estate development

In housing and urban development, IBB has a diverse range of offers for landlords, investors, municipal housing companies and associations, as well as individual home owners and home owner communities. Support is primarily provided for energy-related refurbishment and for conversion designed to make residential buildings suitable for the elderly. Support for new rented housing has a key role to play here.

This business segment is generally broken down into the following strategic action fields:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Demographic development
  • New housing
  • Support for customer banks
  • Analyses and information events

History of IBB

The history of Investitionsbank Berlin is closely linked to the history of Berlin. The company's history spans from the overcoming of housing shortages in the 1920s to measures designed to compensate for structural shortcomings after reunification to financial business support measures in the 21st century.